Sep 13201613 September 2016

Website Overhaul with Hugo

I had been working on an overhaul of this website for a while, and finally it is live! Thanks to Hugo to make it relatively easy to fulfill my ideal website building experience.

You may notice some of the new “features” of this site:

  • Cross references are now made between papers and projects. This was relatively easy with Hugo’s taxonomy system.
  • Each paper now has a dedicated page, with an abstract, other metadata, and PDF download links where applicable. Also, where it exists, I have added videos by embedding youtube or vimeo media.
  • This news section, where I will post small one-liner news updates or occasionally longer posts. To make navigation a little easier, only long posts are listed in the sidebar on the right, which makes it look a little bleak at the moment…
  • In addition to GitHub, Vimeo, LinkedIn, and ResearchGate links (top right), I’ve added a link to my Google Scholar page.

After creating the rough layout and content for my previous static website, I knew that going with a dynamic CMS like drupal or wordpress would be overkill and additionally not align very well with my usual computer use, which is more command-line oriented.

Here is where the recent trend of static HTML generators comes in. Such systems rather process a set of files (the pure content) into another set of HTML files which can be served from any plain old HTTP server. Hugo fit the bill perfectly, as it allows more freedom in terms of content types (e.g. papers vs. projects, and twitter-esque news updates vs. full blog posts), and its very fast as well. While the documentation is not as thorough as I would have liked, the large community and a number of available themes to learn from made up for it.

I will complete the paper list opportunistically, as it is quite a lot of copy-pasting work to input almost 50 papers (according to ResearchGate).

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