I am interested in robust spatial perception for interaction and collaboration.

I understand robust spatial perception for interaction and collaboration in robotics to be a continuum of methods addressing the combination of simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) with semantic concepts, dynamic aspects, as well as object recognition, while equally facilitating the perception of the robot by the human, e.g. through augomented and virtual reality.

As a principal scientist and group manager at the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology, I apply these concepts to advanced robotics and AI problems in Industry 4.0 as well as nursing care.

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Latest Papers

M. Thosar, C. Müller, S. Zug and M. Pfingsthorn. Towards a Prototypical Approach to Tool-Use Improvisation. International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems (AAMAS), May 2019.
A. Gerka, C. Lins, M. Pfingsthorn, M. Eichelberg, S. Müller, C. Stolle and A. Hein. A Clustering-based Approach to Determine a Standardized Statistic for Daily Activities of Elderly Living Alone. International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies: HEALTHINF, February 2019.
P. Gliesche, C. Kowalski, T. Krahn, S. Drolshagen, A. Hein and M. Pfingsthorn. A qualitative survey on challenges and use-cases for robotic assistants in nursing care. Workshop on Robots for Assisted Living at IROS 2018, October 2018.
A. Gerka, M. Pfingsthorn, C. Lüpkes, K. Sparenberg, M. Frenken, C. Lins and A. Hein. Detecting the Number of Persons in the Bed Area to Enhance the Safety of Artificially Ventilated Persons. IEEE International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services (Healthcom), September 2018.
U. Gruenefeld, T. Stratmann, L. Prädel, M. Pfingsthorn and W. Heuten. BuldingBlocks: Head-mounted Virtual Reality for Robot Interaction in Large Non-Expert Audiences. 4th Workshop on Public Space Human-Robot Interaction (PubRob 2018) at MobileHCI 2018, September 2018.
C. Lins, S. Müller, M. Pfingsthorn, M. Eichelberg, A. Gerka and A. Hein. Unsupervised Temporal Segmentation of Skeletal Motion Data using Joint Distance Representation. 11th International Conference on Health Informatics (Healthinf 2018), January 2018.

Latest Updates

Oct 25201925 October 2019

We are welcoming the scientific advisory concil of OFFIS today. Looking forward to interesting chats at our demonstrator with Prof. Wahlster, Prof. Stich, Prof. Kagermann, Mr. Dohler, Prof. Kikinis, Prof. Lemmer and Prof. Krüger.

Sep 26201926 September 2019

We are kicking off a new project today in Berlin: OmniConnect!

Sep 320193 September 2019

I attend the ITEA PO Days brokerage event in Amsterdam (Sept. 3rd and 4th). I’m open to chat about collaboration opportunities.

Apr 220192 April 2019

Our exhibit of our vision on Industry 4.0 for the Lower-Saxony competence center in ICT for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2019 was a wide success. Also, Minster Thümler opened our new R&D division on Manufacturing.

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