Oct 25201925 October 2019

We are welcoming the scientific advisory concil of OFFIS today. Looking forward to interesting chats at our demonstrator with Prof. Wahlster, Prof. Stich, Prof. Kagermann, Mr. Dohler, Prof. Kikinis, Prof. Lemmer and Prof. Krüger.

Sep 26201926 September 2019

We are kicking off a new project today in Berlin: OmniConnect!

Sep 320193 September 2019

I attend the ITEA PO Days brokerage event in Amsterdam (Sept. 3rd and 4th). I’m open to chat about collaboration opportunities.

Apr 220192 April 2019

Our exhibit of our vision on Industry 4.0 for the Lower-Saxony competence center in ICT for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2019 was a wide success. Also, Minster Thümler opened our new R&D division on Manufacturing.

Mar 20201920 March 2019

I attend the 2019 European Robotics Forum in Bucharest, Romania. I look forward to a few days of networking and proposal writing!

Aug 27201827 August 2018

I will attend the ITEA3 PO Days brokerage event next week (Sept. 4th and 5th). If you are around, drop me a line!

May 13201813 May 2018

The site is now served by the excellent Amazon Web Services, via S3 with distribution via CloudFront with TLS encryption!

Apr 27201827 April 2018

Our exhibit of virtual reality based programming of a work order for a collaborative robot for the Lower-Saxony competence center in ICT for Industry 4.0 at Hannover Messe 2018 was a huge success. Press clipping (German only)

Jan 10201810 January 2018

I attended the euRobotics workshops on digital innovation hub networks in Brussels, bringing in our background in healthcare through the federal cluster on nursing care and agile production through the Lower-Saxony competence center in ICT for Industry 4.0.

Oct 19201719 October 2017

FERCHAU published an article featuring our project IKIMUNI on their blog, focusing my robotics activities: “Hand in hand with the robot colleague”. German only.

Apr 24201724 April 2017

We are exhibiting the project IKIMUNI at Hannover Messe in the booth of the state of Lower Saxony.

Feb 26201726 February 2017

The site is now served by the Netlify CDN, with automatic build on GIT push and TLS encryption thanks to Let’s Encrypt!

Feb 620176 February 2017

Our article on The Pinax-Model for Accurate and Efficient Refraction Correction of Underwater Cameras in Flat-Pane Housings has been published open access in the Elsevier journal Ocean Engineering.

Feb 120171 February 2017

I have a new position as a senior researcher at the OFFIS Institute for Information Technology in Oldenburg, Germany.

Dec 520165 December 2016

Our partner EJR-Quartz in the DexROV project produced a video on our first review meeting. Researchers, including me, talk about what a collaborative project means to them.

Dec 120161 December 2016

The simulation environment based on Gazebo developed for the DexROV project is presented as a video update in the DexROV YouTube channel.

Nov 16201616 November 2016

Our overview article on Simultaneous Localization and Mapping has been published in the Wiley Encyclopedia of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Oct 23201623 October 2016

We are preparing for the first review meeting of the DexROV project tomorrow in Brussels, Belgium. Our contributions focus on online localization, stereo sensing, and object recognition.

Oct 10201610 October 2016

The final field trials for the CADDY project just started off in Biograd Na Moru, Croatia, and will continue through October 22nd. You can follow the action on Facebook.

Sep 24201624 September 2016

Evaluating Programming Competences:

Quantifying programming skills and competences is quite a challenge, especially for self-evaluation and learning progress visualization. In the context of a recent class on Software Engineering, I looked for a somewhat concise yet expressive list of programming skills and their levels. My idea was to use such a list to survey student backgrounds coming into the class, and allow the students to track their own development either in the course or during their studies.


Sep 13201613 September 2016

Website Overhaul with Hugo:

I had been working on an overhaul of this website for a while, and finally it is live! Thanks to Hugo to make it relatively easy to fulfill my ideal website building experience.


Jun 20201620 June 2016

Software and hardware integration for DexROV is well under way, and last weeks integration meeting in Marseille at COMEX on board their JANUS II vessel was quite fruitful. Our focus was on software integration between partners at the interface level using the simulation we developed so far.

Jun 520165 June 2016

Code: Robust edge types for G2O:

While robust SLAM has certainly been seeing a lot of attention, getting code releases to run with current versions of dependencies, specifically G2O, can be somewhat difficult. I shared my patches to existing code and some original edge implementations on GitHub to make replicating experiments easier. more...

May 26201626 May 2016

Code: Simulating network links with Docker:

Quite often I need to test a multi-robot setup with degraded network links. This can be done well with products such as WANem. The big drawback is that a physical computer with multiple network interfaces is required. With the advent of Docker, we actually have a great tool for developing for distributed systems, and this small set of scripts implements a network simulation for Docker networks. more...

May 120161 May 2016

Our IJRR article on Generalized Graph SLAM: Solving Local and Global Ambiguities through Multimodal and Hyperedge Constraints is finally in a physical issue! The reference and bibtex are updated accordingly.

Apr 10201610 April 2016

IEEE/MTS Oceans’16 Shanghai starts today, and three new papers will be presented there.

Mar 17201617 March 2016

We just finished a plenary meeting in Genova for the DexROV project in which we discussed our progress in the first year.

Mar 11201611 March 2016

The final review of the MORPH project went very well, with praising comments from the reviewers! My work on robust SLAM was one of the key contributions by Jacobs.

Mar 420164 March 2016

The second year review of the CADDY project in Lisbon just finished, with important contributions by Jacobs focusing on underwater gesture recognition using stereo data.

May 18201518 May 2015

IEEE/MTS Oceans’15 in Genova kicks off. A total of three papers with my contributions will be presented.

Apr 14201514 April 2015

Our IJRR article on Generalized Graph SLAM: Solving Local and Global Ambiguities through Multimodal and Hyperedge Constraints has been accepted to the International Journal on Robotics Research and should be available online soon.

Mar 920159 March 2015

The year 3 annual review meeting for the EU FP7 MORPH project was a success!

Mar 920159 March 2015

Field trials for the EU FP7 MORPH project at St. Feliu de Guixols (Costa Brava, Spain) started. Our contributions focus on view planning and 3D SLAM with stereo cameras.

Mar 120151 March 2015

New EU Horizon2020 project DexROV starts today! I will be responsible for underwater perception and modeling as work package leader.

Feb 920159 February 2015

The year 1 annual review meeting for the EU FP7 CADDY project was a success!

Jun 220142 June 2014
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